How do I know if ACHE Institute of Houston is the right fit for me?

We understand that chronic painful conditions have a significant impact in your life and the last thing you need is to wait for an appointment, drive to an office and have a full consultation to find out the doctor cannot offer the treatment you need. If your doctor referred you to us then he or she thinks that we have something to offer to your treatment. If you found us directly or are unsure if we are a good fit, we are happy to arrange a complimentary telemedicine visit with Dr. Garcia Jacques to discuss how we can help you. Please review our telemedicine statement to find out more about this type of visit. To schedule this type of visit, you can do so on the patient portal online, or call our office and request a telemedicine meet an greet appointment.

*Please note, the system requires a credit card on file to access the secure telemedicine virtual office but you will not be charged for this type of appointment.