Do you assist patients remotely?

We are happy to announce that we have the capability to perform remote face to face secure video visits. Medical consultations are limited to established patients for follow up or referrals from other Texas providers. On occasion, these consultations are covered by your insurance and we will confirm it prior to your appointment. If so, you will only be responsible for the usual co-payment. No controlled substances will be prescribed without an in person consultation and following our practice’s strict guidelines.

We are happy to arrange a video conference to answer questions about the therapies we offer at this center, to meet the doctor or to discuss different scenarios to assess how we could help you. These meetings will not offer a second opinion, diagnoses, medical recommendations or prescriptions and therefore are open to non-texas residents. For potential patients, the first 10 minutes are complimentary, otherwise these meetings are not covered by your insurance and have a cost of 50 dollars for the first 20 minutes of face to face time with the Doctor. 

We strictly follow the Texas medical board rules on regards to Telemedicine as established on the Texas Administrative Code rule 174.


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