What is the purpose of the injections?

Considering only therapeutic procedures and not the diagnostic procedures, our goal is to either decrease the inflammation in the painful area or in the case of nerve blocks, to decrease the transmission of pain signals. This is translated into a significant decrease in the painful symptoms. For the most part these effects are time limited which can range from days to years depending on the therapy and individual response. We use this opportunity of improved pain to work on the source of the problem. Then we complement your therapy during this time with work on physical exercise, weight loss, smoking cessation and other factors that will maintain your quality of life and help decrease the pain long term.

What injections do you offer to help with pain?

At ACHE Institute of Houston we offer most modern injections that have shown benefit to patients when the benefit outweighs the risks of the procedure. This includes the well-known procedures such as trigger point injections, “Botox” blocks, epidural injections, sacroiliac and other joint injections (such as knee, shoulder, hip etc), nerve blocks and radiofrequency ablation to extend the effects of a nerve block. We have extensive experience on the newer knee and hip articular (joint) nerve branches ablation for extended pain relief of these joints. This can be done to prevent or delay surgery and in the case of persistent pain after joint replacement surgery.

We also offer the less common blocks for cancer related pain, sympathetic nerve blocks for certain diagnoses like CRPS/RSD, trigeminal or sphenopalatine nerve block for facial pain and blocks for pelvic pain.

We are evaluating the literature about the following therapies as treatment options for our patients but are not currently offered: Neural therapy and regenerative medicine therapy like Platelet rich plasma injections (PRP).